Electronic Technique

Usually, the fan is equipped with 2 head wires called 2pin. However, we also can add more wires like 3pin or 4pin for special fucntions like P.W.M, FG, etc.. 

An alarm is a function of detecting abnormalities. For instance, if something interfere with the performance of the fan, an output signal will move to a higher voltage and then start the warning device.

When the fan motor is locked, the device will cut off the drive current within two to six seconds and restart automatically after a few seconds. If the lock situation is continued, the device will work on a repeated cycle of cut-off and restart until the lock is released. (See Figure 1 below).

Lock Sensor is used to detect if the fan motor is operating or stopped. Alarm High: the output will be logical low when fan is operating and be logical high when fan motor is locked.(See Figures 2~3 below)


Pulse Sensor is for detecting the rotational speed of the fan motor. At locked rotor condition, the signal stops cycling and the output is fixed at VoH or VoL. (See Figures 4~5 below)



A speed control lead can be provided that will accept a PWM signal from the customer circuit to vary the speed of the fan. The change in speed is linear by changing the Duty-Cycle of the PWM. Open collector type and pull-up voltage is changed by maximum operating voltage and sink current by consuming current.(See Figure 6 below)

Yes, sure, we keep up with the latest technology to meet needs of different customers, 48 volt fans we can do like 60x25mm, 80x25mm, 92x25mm, 120x25mm, 120x32mm, and 120x38mm series.

For DC fans, the operating temperature is -10℃-75℃ at ordinary humidity level. However, as temperature approaches 75℃, the heat may cause deterioration to the fan's longevity.

For AC fan, the operating temperature is -20℃-85℃ at ordinary humidity level. However, as temperature approaches 85℃, the heat may cause deterioration to the fan's longevity.

DC fan housing is made of plastic material UL 94V-0 and impeller is made of P.B.T.+30% GF black.

Basically, the most voltages type of ac fans are 110V, 220V, 380V, Some AC fans are rated dual voltage meaning they can support two different voltages like 12V and 220V at the same time.

Depending on different dimension of dc fans, DC fan voltage could be 5V, 12V, 24V and 48V.

EC fans are actually a complete fan/motor assembly which includes a highly engineered fan and bell mouth matched to an Electronically Commutated (EC) motor. The EC motor is a brushless DC motor with on-board programmable speed control. The EC Fan feature can be selected as an option in Colmac A+Pro software.

CFM refers to the method of measuring the volume of air moving through a ventilation system or other space, also known as "Cubic Feet per Minute."

The fan noisel level is measured in soundproof room of 16.8 d-BA maximum noise background. The fan is positioned vertically by string fastened to four corners of the fan. A microphone is in one meter away from the center of the fan on the air intake side.

The both bearing systems have a big difference, for expectancy life, ball bearing can last at least 50000 working hours, and sleeve bearing is around 30000 hours. For cost, sleeve bearing is cheaper than ball's. For noise level, the sleeve is lower noise level than ball bearing.

Terms & Conditions

These optional functions you can choose like auto-restart, speed detection, stoppage Alarm, waterproof, PWM function, thermal control, locked rotor signal, we can add the above functions for fans as your request.

Yes, sure. Usually, we require a MOQ 1000pcs, because we are an original manufacturer that produce the number of fan products as customer expect, there is no more stocks for future in most cases.

Over the past years, we partnered with reliable and famous shipment companies to offer different transportation channels like DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT and by sea as customer's requirements. 

Yes, we do, but the payment item of L/C is avaliable for loyal customers who have worked with us for over 2 years. For new customers, T/T, PayPal, and western union are optional.


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