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About Distributor & Agency

XINPUFAN is a comprehensive manufacturer, we have special discounts and added-value services for our approval distributors or agencies around the world. We are willing to provide any support for our distributors or agencies to make business easier.

*What Is A Distributor

A distributor is essentially an independent contractor. In distributor agreements, we sell our brand fan products and services to our distributors, who then sell them to their customers, adding a margin to cover the distributor’s own costs and profit. The distributor has a contract with the customer.

*What Is An Agent

An agent is an intermediary we appoint to negotiate and, if required, conclude contracts with customers on our behalf so we have the contract with the customer. Agents are paid commission on the sales they make, usually on a percentage basis.

Typically, the commission paid to an agent is lower than the margin which a distributor will earn (since the distributor is taking a greater financial risk and investing in more operational resources). Appointing an agent will therefore, in general terms, probably cost the business less than a distributor.

Our Partners

Based on the past years of fan products supply chain management experiences and we are trusted by many famous brands as you see above, we are confident to work with electronic distributors and agents around the world interesting in selling our brand fan products. That is for sure, we are providing special discounts and added-value services for distributors and agents, welcome to consult us now for more information.

Why We Need Agents & Distributors?

In appointing an agent or distributor, a business is effectively sub-contracting its selling function. We want to do this for a number of reasons, such as:

What Is Included

Yes, certainly, we have different contract agreements with different discounts for distributors and agents based on different markets in the world. For more info, please contact us NOW, just let me know where you are. Let's do the best plan for you.

As for distributors qualified by us, it requires MOQ 1000 pcs per month, or order more than 12000 pcs in one year. 

Yes, we established an area of covering around 300㎡ space as a warehouse for distributors and agents, the fan products customers order can be stored there and shipped directly to the destinations as expect.


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