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About Research & Development

We own an advanced R&D team with 12 experienced electronic experts and mechanical engineers who are good at developing various non-standard cooling fans and fan accessories and improving standard regular fan products based on customers’ requests. Most of them have specialized in the R&D field for over 10 years. Moreover, they have successfully completed thousands of cases, which is a great help to make your idea a reality.

Research & Development is short for “R&D”, which is defined by innovation and obtaining new knowledge. Before introducing new products into the marketplace and services or improving existing similar products customers must first engage in the R&D process to fully understand the applications of that innovation.

XINPUFAN R&D team experts support you in your endeavors to innovate and ensure that your R&D processes are efficient and effective. While many challenges exist, identifying and mitigating difficult obstacles often takes “fresh eyes,” something only outside, experienced consultants can provide.

XINPUFAN insights help you move your R&D strategy to the next level so you can focus on big picture innovations and exciting new products central to your market.

Types Of Research & Development

There are three main types of research and development we can offer for customers. 

Why We Do R&D Service

The most important reason why we offer the R&D service is that customers who need this service can get assistance directly from us. They don’t need to spend time and energy looking for the reliable 3rd party or other companies, and the other main reasons as the followings. 

(1)Selling point
(2)Improving Reputation
(3)Competitive edge
(4)Adding Income

R&D is a unique selling point that can help our customers to develop unique fan products, these don't always have to be entirely new. Sometimes, R&D can drive product improvement or innovation within the existing business offering.

Engaging in R&D can strengthen our brand and reputation. If we're collaborating with a trusted, reputable partner or a strong scientific institution, the commercial success of the resulting products can benefit from their involvement.

With R&D service, Customers can directly ask us for help to develop advantage and unique fan products as requests, they don't need speed time and energy looking for the trusted 3rd Party or other R&D team to work with. Make the customer's initial concept or idea a reality.

Unique products resulting from successful R&D projects can bring financial benefits to our business. Meanwhile, R&D service can also attract potential new investors to our business.

What Is Included

For a common R&D service including mechanical and electronic development of fan products, it takes a rough cost of several thousands dollars. The final cost is mainly based on how complex the required fan product is. If you are looking for a R&D service and asking for a quote, please contact us NOW.

Usually, it will be completed within 30 working days. Please note just only for the whole of R&D process service, not including the fan prototype and other manufacturing service.

Yes, sure. We are glad to sign an official agreement to protect intellectual property with our customers. Even if we don't sign this, please note that we also never share anything about the R&D info with the 3rd party or anyone without the permission of customers.


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