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About Packing

We own professional size cartons packing different fan products individually to assure a safe and reliable quality during shipping, meanwhile, a fast shipping time due to our partnered shippers.

As a fan manufacturer, packing is the one of key important services we pay attention to because good packaging keeps a product safe during its delivery to our consumer’s doorstep by preventing product bouncing around or getting crushed during transit. We do properly packing various fans of different dimension, each fan can be protected well by unit packing in shipping cartons.

Doing Good Packing

Before shipping, each fan product will be packed individually in shipping cartons like the packing image below, which ensures there are no damages as possible as we can during a long shipment. 

Shipment & Delivery

We have partnered with reliable shippers for many years, such as UPS, TNT, FedEx, DHL, EMS and so on, which can help us to deliver fan products to our customers all around the world by Air or Sea. Generally, for destination places like U.S, Canada, European countries, it takes around 3-5 working days by air, and it takes around 20 working days by sea. 


What Is Included

We designed and prepared different size of packing tools for different fan products based on its sizes, which each product can find the right packing here, including the inside packing and outside shipping cartons, strong and durable.

Yes, sure, we are happy with that, but we don't have any responsilities if goods are damaged or missed because of shipping.


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