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The Holiday Notice to Celebrate China New Year 2023

First of all, on behalf of XINPUFAN team, a huge THANK for many global customers and friends who always support and follow us all the past years! May the closeness.

Holiday Notice for National Day in China 2022

2022 National Day in China is 1st, October. As you know, there is a long holiday in China to celebrate this day every year. As usual, we factory will close.

Excellent Cooling Fan is a Key Part For Air Purifiers

With the development of society and economy, the people requires a higher and higher air quality in their working and life environment,

Learn More About Brushless Motor

The brushless DC motor consists of a motor body and a driver, and is a typical mechatronic product. Brushless motor means a motor without brushes and commutators (or collector rings),.

Happy New Year 2022 with An Important Holiday Notice

Time Flies! 2021 was the past, the new year 2022 is arriving soon. On behalf of Xinpufan Corp, Happy new year 2022 in advance! Our global customers and dedicated teams.

How To Tell The AC Fan And DC Fan From The Bearing System

Many people who know nothing about the fan industry might think the AC fan and DC fan are the same, the fact is that they both are different. I am.

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