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About Sample Customization

When standard fan models can’t be found for your applications, the sample customization service is available here based on your requests such as the voltage, speed, airflow, bearing, connector, cable, waterproof, moistureproof, soft start, PWM, or FG function, and so on, which is a first key step before we start the mass production order.

What Items Can Be Customized

The following items of fans can be customized according to the customer’s request. 

Bearing Type
Operating Functions

Except for standard size of fans in the market, we can customize housings and impellers as the requirements of 3D and 2D specification given by customers.

There are 2 types of voltages we will be able to choose from according to different type of fans, common DC types such as 5V, 12V, 24V, 48V. AC types such as 110v, 220v, 380v, and we also can make EC type that works for both AC and DC voltage. 

For each fan, there will be a max speed and min speed, RPM unit is rotation per min, we can do adjust different speed between the max speed and min speed to meet customer's request.    

It requires different airflow to meet different needs of fans, we can make different airflow at a same speed for some fans.

The bearing type contains sleeve, hydraulic, and ball bearing types you can choose from. Usually, the fan with less than 10mm thickness can be equipped with sleeve or hydraulic bearing system. For the fans whose thickness is more than 10mm can be equipped with ball bearing system only.

Different width of cables you can select from AWG 22#, 23#.. 28#, while selecting the longth of cable as request.

We can offer different brand of connectors, Molex is the most popular for now in the market.

The electronic functions mainly contains PWM, FG, Auto-start, soft-start, Locked rotor signal(RD), thermal control.

What Is Included

Usually, it needs 3-5 working days for simply samples, if the fan sample is required to add some functions like P.W.M, FG, etc.. then more working days.

Yes, we do have a sample engineering team who only focus on making fan samples for customers, which can ensure a faster prototype time. 

Yes, sure, after the fan sample is approved by customers, then the datasheet will be recorded carefully for mass production, everything will be ready well for mass production to make sure a same quality level. That is key reason why we set up sample engineering team.

Yes, sure, but we kindly suggest to test samples in advance before mass production, we can make sure everything goes as customers require parameters like Voltage, airflow, speed, etc..


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