Holiday Notice for National Day in China 2022

Dear Customers & Friends. 

2022 National Day in China is 1st, October. As you know, there is a long holiday in China to celebrate this day every year. As always, we factory will close business during this long holiday starting from 1st(Saturday) to 7th (Friday)of October, 2022. On behalf of Xinpufan team, we are sorry to inform you that all production orders and shipments here can’t be moved forward during these holidays. However, if you need any assistance urgent in the period of the holiday time, you can still contact us by We will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Holiday Notice: (“ON” means business day, “OFF” means non-business day) 

30th, September, 2022(Friday)—-ON

1st, October, 2022 (Saturday)————-OFF

2nd, October, 2022(Sunday)——————-OFF

3rd, October, 2022(Monday)————————OFF

4th, October, 2022(Tuesday)—————————-OFF

5th, October, 2022(Wednesday)—————————–OFF

6th, October, 2022(Thursday)————————————-OFF

7th, October, 2022(Friday)———————————————-OFF

8th, October, 2022(Saturday)—ON——We will come back to work on this day.

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