Happy New Year 2022 with An Important Holiday Notice

Time Flies! 2021 was the past, the new year 2022 is arriving soon. On behalf of Xinpufan Corp, Happy new year 2022 in advance! Our global customers and dedicated teams and suppliers, May you, your family and your loved ones be healthy and happy. Thanks a lot for everything you guys did in 2021 for Xinpufan Corp. Each of you guys has put a lot. Thank you guys very much again!

                                                                                 Wrote by Mr. John Wu, 30/12/2021.                                                                                            -CEO & Owner of Xinpufan Corp.

Please notes: We made a holidays arrangement for the following days as belows:

  • Holiday Notice 1: This company(Xinpufan Corp) is closed from 01/01/2022(Sat) to 03/01/2022(Mon) due to New Year’s Day.
  • Holiday Notice 2: This company(Xinpufan Corp) is closed from 22/01/2022(Sat) to 09/02/2022(Wed) due to celebrate the Chinese new year.

Any production plans or tasts willn’t be proceeded and any goods willn’t be received at Xinpufan Corp during the period of above holidays. If you have urgent business we can do for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us as early as possible before holildays. We thank you for your partnership and wish you all a Happy & Healthy New Year 2022.

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