How To Tell The AC Fan And DC Fan From The Bearing System

Many people who know nothing about the fan industry might think the AC fan and DC fan are the same, the fact is that they both are different. I am gonna tell the differences from their bearing systems.

Basically, there are 3 different types of bearing systems in the market used for cooling fans, sleeve type, ball type, and sleeve plus ball type. Over the past years, many fan manufacturers created various new technologies on the bearing systems. For instance, magnetic bearing, water wave bearing, magnetic core bearing, Laifu bearing, these new bearings were developed successfully based on the above 3 basic bearing systems, and their operating principle keeps the same. Most cooling fans mainly use a sleeve and single ball bearing system, dual-ball belongs to the high-end series with high precision, high quality, and high price. Actually, the sleeve bearing system can meet most cases, it has a long span of life, lower cost but the quality is lower than other bearing types.

As a matter of fact, the both AC fan and DC fan are also different in working theory, A conductor passes through an electric current to generate a magnetic field. If the conductor is placed in another magnetic field, it will generate attraction or repulsion to cause the object to move. Inside the fan blade, a rubber magnet surrounds the silicon steel sheet, and the shaft part is wound with two sets of coils, and a Hall sensor component is used as a synchronous detection device to control a set of circuits, which make the two sets of coils wound around the shaft work in turn. The steel sheet produces different magnetic poles, and the magnetic poles and the rubber magnet generate repulsive force. When the repulsive force is greater than the static friction of the fan, the fan blade rotates naturally. The Hall sensor components provide synchronization signals, so the fan blades can continue to operate.

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