Talking Something About Waterproof Of The Fan And Its Workmanship

For the waterproof IP grades for the cooling fan, people might hear about from IP55 to IP68. Actually, it is enough only for moisture resistance if IP55, not real waterproof workmanship, the manufacturing workmanship generally adopts the coating of three-proof painted on the outer surface of the motor, which has the ability to resist oxidation and moisture resistance.

Currently, IP68 is the highest waterproof grade, which generally uses vacuum coating technology. The vacuum coating process is similar to semiconductor photolithography technology, using vapor deposition in a vacuum environment to deposit a layer of nanomaterials on the surface of the object. The thickness of the film or layer is around 5 to 30 microns. The coating process has the advantages of good heat dissipation and faster mass production. However, nanomaterials are generally not resistant to corrosion, and the film will fall off over time, so it is better to be used in a water vapor working environment. That the other one for waterproof of the cooling fan is to be sealed with epoxy resin can resist corrosion and full water, but it is slow to do mass production, the performance of heat dissipation of the motor is not very good, and the price is very expensive.

For fan products with high waterproof requirements, for example, the fan is required to work completely in water, so the fan needs to meet waterproof IPX7. It is not enough to just do moisture-proof and three-proof paint protection, also, the entire fan motor needs to be sealed completely so that the water outside can’t enter the motor. The reliable way we kindly suggest is to add glue to the PCB, and the motor is completely sealed and hidden.

Usually, the cooling fan with a high demand for waterproof must be made by special mold, its internal structure is also designed for the epoxy potting compound. The fan motor needs to be protected well by a unique cover, which requires a new mold. To do this process is to make the cooling fan can work normally in a working environment filled with water.

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