Pay Attention To The Matters During Using Cooling Fans

As we all know, after the cooling fan has worked for a long time, dust or impurities will generally be involved inside the fan. Doing a good job of cleaning and maintenance can extend the lifespan of the fan. The following is an introduction to the matters that we should pay attention to during using the cooling fan:

  1. When the fan is working, please do not lock it for a long period of time, which will generate high heat to burn the fan on the ground.
  2. Better don’t leave the cooling fan unused for more than half a year, otherwise, the storage environment will affect the working performance of the fan.
  3. Please note that the fan will hurt your fingers when running at high speed if you are not careful to touch it without a finger production guard.
  4. Keep the fan clean, and do avoid dust, water droplets, insects, and other objects entering the fan, or it will affect the fan to fail to operate normally.
  5. Do not use the cooling fan in a flammable or harmful environment, it is easy to cause accidents.
  6. When using the cooling fan, do not wind the power cord or pull the power cord forcefully to avoid damage to the power cord to cause a power leakage accident.

More tips we should pay attention to during using the fans will be shared with if you feel interested, we are always here to assist you.

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