How Do We Extend Expectancy Life For Cooling Fan

The cooling fan, as the name implies, is mainly regarded as the cooling and cooling function of various equipment and devices. It is mainly applied in industry. The general industrial working environment is often complicated and unstable, so the cooling fan is required to make some treatments to avoid corrosion. This will extend the lifespan of the equipment to reduce the cost. The following we mainly do for our fan products.

  1. Surface Treatments: The surface protection treatment of the cooling fan usually includes different methods such as zinc plating, chrome plating, and chemical plating. These methods are available in many working environments, but for rotating parts, we should be careful to choose from, because the base material and the superficial coating are two different materials, and their linear expansion coefficients are different, which will cause different results when the rotating part is elastically deformed. The amount of deformation, resulting in a large number of micro-cracks, will accelerate the formation of corrosion. Therefore, we need to select appropriate materials and processes according to the actual working environment.
  2. The design of cooling fans: The design of the cooling fan is the performance of its core technology, which affects the expectancy life of the fan and ensures the safety of the fan. In the structural design of the cooling fan, the design defects that are most likely to accelerate corrosion are the stress concentration tendency and the crevice environment. Sometimes although the corrosion rate is small in the metal immersion solution, the gap is formed. Due to the changes in the chemical and electrochemical state of the internal solution, It will cause severe crevice corrosion and requires careful design.
  3. Material Selection: The materials used for different cooling fans are different, and the anti-corrosion effect is also different. After the cooling fan model is selected, according to the corrosion resistance of different materials in different environments, the main application environment, working strength, and many other factors, the strength parts materials are determined from the fundamentals.

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