The Main Reasons Why The Cooling Fan Stops Working

Usually, the cooling fans installed inside electronic and machinery equipments as heat dissipation function, which can ensure the normally operation of the machines when working. If the cooling fan stops working for a long time, so it might cause many problems and even destory machines or equipment. Therefore, in order to reduce the occurrence of the failure, we must understand the main reasons why the cooling fan stops working, then we can avoid these issues as much possible as we do before an installation.

  1. The reason for the design: The design of the cooling fan is improper, and the working coordination of the parts is not considered in the design, and the dynamic characteristics are negative, which causes vibration or noises when working. That the structure is unreasonable and the use of steel is inappropriate causes stress concentration. The fuselage is prone to cracks, the material of the parts is not good, the strength is not up to the standard, and accidents are prone to occur during use.
  2. The reason for the deterioration: Long-term working operation of the cooling fan causes fatigue of shafts and other parts, partial damage to the rotor, and surface pitting and partial abrasion of parts affected by the impact force.
  3. The reason for improper operation: The process parameters of the machine deviate far from the design value, which will often cause the machine to maintain over-speed, over-load operation, or low-speed, low-load operation during operation, and cannot reach the working performance of the machine; the operating point is close to or falls into the critical speed zone, The lubrication or cooling of the radiator fan is not in place; improper operation during start and stop of the machine or in the process of speed up and speed down, resulting in the machine body temperature not reaching the temperature, uneven thermal expansion, or overheating of the temperature, causing the machine to anneal and lose its original strength.
  4. The reason for the installation and maintenance: The cooling fan is improperly installed in the mechanical equipment, the parts are misaligned, or the shaft system is poorly aligned, resulting in a large preload, improper placement of the rotor, and failure to perform inspections and repairs in accordance with regulations, which destroys the original coordination system of the machine.

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