To Select A DC Fan Of Good Performance

Nowadays, DC fans have become more and more widely used in our lives due to the improvement of people’s living levels, that is a key reason why more and more new dc fan suppliers are in the market, so how to select cooling fan of good performance. 

The followings as a reference to roughly check if DC fans you select are good or not, which might be helpful for some new buyers or purchasers who want to order dc fans at the first time.

  1. To choose from the bearing type: Generally, as we know there are 3 kinds of bearing types for dc fans, sleeve bearing, hydraulic bearing, ball bearing type; the best one is the ball bearing for its long expectancy life with around 50000 hours or more, low noise level, and more stable to work, the second is the hydraulic bearing with around 30000 hours or more, and the basic one is the sleeve with 25000 working hours or more while requiring less cost.
  2. To choose from the appearance: It should be much thicker overall from the outer surface with better pure color, especially for black, however, it is not a matter for colored fans, and there are no burrs on the edges of the impellers/blades, checking the thickness of the fan blades ( the thickness is essential because it is not easy to break), and there is not much deformation when pressing the outer frame/housing.
  3. To listen carefully to the sound of wind when working: it might be a bad one if we can hear other sounds when working, let’s say a dc fan with 70mm size and the speed is less than 3500RPM, that is sucks if it is a big sound of the wind. 
  4. Checking the datasheet on the outer packaging: the following 2 basic parameters are now provided for reference, one is voltage such as 5V 12V 24V 48V, and the other one is current, the operating current is less than 250mA (in most cases, that the current is over 250mA indicates this fan product is unqualified).

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